Trees that are sick must be treated to regain their health.


Trees that are sick must be treated to regain their health.

North Texas is home of some of the most extraordinary weather patterns. North Richland Hills Texas is well-known for its unhealthy and sickly trees. The colder temperatures can lead to weather patterns that drop as low as the 30s in February. Temperatures can rise to 80 degrees Celsius on the same day. This can cause a lot of stress to spring tree regeneration.

The delayed opening of flowering systems can lead to a delay in Foliage mechanisms of tree genetics.

We saw many Shumard Red Oaks with this condition in 2018. This isn’t a severe illness but it can cause leaf death, which can lead to a tree becoming malformed. North Richland Hills’s Savanna Post Oaks also suffered from the weather phenomenon.

North Richland Hills Tree Service & Stump Grinding recommends having your trees examined at the very least once a month. You can help ensure your trees are strong and healthy with our free annual tree evaluation walk throughs. Bad weather can cause trees to become sick in North Richland Hills Texas. This is when disease can begin and end. Texas pests, insects and bugs have the potential to infiltrate the tree’s vascular system and lay larvae. Trees on North Richland Hills properties must be treated immediately to prevent illness.

Our recommendations for trees is very straightforward. Treat your trees in any season, whether it is fall and winter. Our deep root fertilization service for shrubs and trees is simple, inexpensive and safe. We focus on two areas.

  1. The tree’s overall strength.
  2. The spring cycle will be for fighting invertebrates

For many North Texas property owners and homeowners, the combination of fertilizer with pest control is the best solution.

North Richland Hills Texas tree disease is possible to prevent in some cases. But there are helpful tips for tree care that may help. Our goal is to help clients understand the importance and needs of their tree health. Knowing is power. The only thing that can harm your trees North Richland Hills TX is the knowledge you don’t have.

We offer our clients three (3) easy steps to follow:

  • Proper tree watering
  • Proper Tree Care
  • Tree Insect Management

Tree Watering

Trees younger than five-years old need lots of water. The early years are crucial for healthy growth. Many nurseries will place a water bag at tree’s base to aid in growth. A young tree will need between 20 and 100 gallons of water per week depending on its soil, season, and other factors.

Proper Care

Trees must be fed in the same way as humans. In most cases, Mother Nature provides the required nutrients for trees. Property managers and homeowners need not do much to care for natural forest trees. Perhaps we need to offer more support and care for urban trees. Deep root fertilization is an excellent way to keep your trees healthy and strong, particularly at the beginning stages.

Tree Insect Management

Tree insects cause the death or destruction of hundreds upon thousands of trees across North Texas every year. The majority of cases dealing with urban Forest trees are simple. Education is key. One simple deep root injection per year can keep trees healthy and help prevent them becoming infected. Our insecticides are available to kill insects off trees. Sometimes you don’t need to do it every year. To keep your tree healthy, you can administer a gentle injection of half the chemical. It is important to kill the larvae without causing damage to the tree’s cambium, Xylem, or other parts. This is the purpose of our tree insecticide.

We can assist you in North Richland Hills with sick tree problems. Give us a call today!