Leaf Spot Treatment in North Richland Hills, TX.


Why are Leaf Spots Common?

North Richland Hills’s leaf spot is one of the most common diseases tree care professionals see. This umbrella term covers a variety of conditions that can lead to unsightly dark spots in trees or plants. A variety of fungal pathogens are often responsible for leaf spot. These include tubakia (anthracnose), powdery Mildew, and anthracnose. But it can also be caused bacteria. It is rare for trees to develop leaf spot diseases.

All types of leaf spots share the need for moist and humid weather conditions. The fungus lives in winter on infected and dead leaves. In early spring, tiny brownish to darken spots less than 1/2 inch across begin to cover the diseased leaf. In certain cases, large numbers of spots can cover and overshadow the leaves. Untreated leaf spots can quickly become more severe. Call an experienced tree service immediately if you notice leaf spots.

Diagnosing Leaf Spots

A qualified plant pathologist will quickly diagnose leaf disease, and inspect the surrounding environment. A sure sign of disease is the presence of darkened leaves surrounded by darker-colored rings. Large blotches on leaves and brownish-colored dead areas are other signs of leaf spot infestation. If trees are infected severely, they may lose some of their leaves and experience an overall thinning.

Wet soil can promote the rapid spread of this plant and tree pathogen. It will be examined to make sure that there is adequate drainage and standing water. Soil samples will be taken to test for fungal agents and determine the best care and treatment methods. North Richland Hills’s top arborists will then present a tree evaluation report and recommend treatment. It is also important to take care of the tree and prevent it from spreading to other parts.

Treating Leaf Spots

Professional tree services can remove infected and dead leaves from the environment to stop further spread. It is vital to keep the ground clean, and remove any fallen leaves. The spores are easily spread by wind blowing and splashing rain, or blowing. A professional tree company performs regular tree pruning to allow air circulation within the tree’s structures. This allows for the removal of infected twigs, leaves, and prevents leaf spots and other diseases spreading. Sprinkler systems that can damage foliage should be avoided. It is important to water your trees regularly and keep them hydrated. This can be done by watering the soil or at their base. North Richland Hills certified Arborists can determine whether irrigation is needed. Trees that are strong and healthy will be more resistant. Trees that are healthy and vigorous will be more resistant to diseases if they receive regular deep root fertilization from a professional tree service company. If severe cases of leaf spots occur, fungicide treatments may be required. This should only be done by an arborist who visits sick trees regularly. Any treatment is covered by his one-year warranty. While leaf spot disease doesn’t cause death, it can make trees more prone to other diseases. North Richland Hills’s top arborists are available to help you maintain your home’s beauty and health.