Oak Wilt Treatments and Diagnosis


Oak Wilt Treatments and Diagnosis

Our team has been performing Oak Wilt treatment for North Richland Hills, TX for more than 20 years.
Oak Wilt is a very common vascular tree disease for our team.

Oak Wilt is a very dangerous vascular tree disease! Oak Wilt is a deadly vascular tree disease that causes the death of hundreds of thousands oak trees every year.

Only a handful of trees survived this horrible tree disease. Oak wilt, a deadly disease, causes hundreds of deaths every year in Live Oak and Red trees. They will also eventually succumb to oak wilt.

North Richland Hills Oak Wilt can be treated

Remember that the leaves of trees are a good indicator of their health. The leaves on trees could be a sign that someone is sick, just like their skin and hair. The leaves on trees are a good indicator of if there is an issue.

Live Oak trees are oval-shaped and have veins running from one side to the other. They look almost like a tree-shaped leaves. The healthy oak should have the leaf as a solid green on one side and the leaf as a lighter shade on the other.

Live oaks do not shed until spring so make sure to inspect them. You will notice the leaves fall from the tree as they turn brown. The Live Oak will appear sick because it has lost its spring time like all other trees.

Don’t worry. This is normal. Remember that not all Live Oaks shed the same amount of leaves at once. Multiple Live Oak trees may shed at different times. This is normal and shouldn’t alarm you.

You should be aware that leaves can become yellowy-brown at the center. This could happen anytime between May to December. This could indicate that your tree is suffering from disease. Call an Arborist professional to have the tree examined and a lab test done.

Oak Wilt disease could be the cause. This is a vascular disease that almost always causes death. Alamo Fungicide Blue, a liquefied drug that can be used to treat Oak Wilt, will work. However it can prove fatal.

Live Oaks can be considered social trees. They will inter-tangle roots of trees that are near them, particularly other Live Oaks or other Live Oaks. Oak Wilt can infect any of your trees. It is important to get treatment and a diagnosis.

Oak Wilt in Live Oaks can normally kill trees within 1-6 months of being infected.

We can assist you with Oak Wilt Diagnosing
Oak Wilt, Red Oaks Trees

It is crucial to know the difference between contamination from Red Oaks and Live Oaks trees.

Oak Wilt can lead to death in red oaks. Oak wilt can also be spread by soil contamination. To spread the disease, it will typically require a host tree. Many insects are attracted to red oaks that emit fungal spores. The photo shows the sap-feeding, necidulid honey beetle.

The fungus can spread to trees if the beetle infects a tree. It is best to prune trees in the winter, so that it does not happen. This allows the tree to dry the areas and seal them before the beatles come back in spring or summer.

Oak Wilt can also be transmitted through the human body. The contaminated wood can be cut off and placed in areas that are populated with red oak. Before you cut wood, make sure it is thoroughly examined before you transport it.

Oak Wilt Treatment

This is the best way to treat oak wilt

North Richland Hills Tree Service & Stump grinding used this same protocol to treat oak Wilt over the past 20 years. It is also possible to treat the trunk with injections:

  • Tebuconazole- Mauget
  • Propizol Propiconazole – arborjet
  • Propiconazole – Alamo

Oak Wilt should be treated first with Alamo Propiconazole. It is equally important to backhole trench Oak Wilt treatment. Oak Wilt Fungus can spread to healthy trees if not removed from its root system. Dead trees should be removed in winter as the fungus spreads more quickly. Oak Wilt wood should also be removed from your property.

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Best Oak Wilt Treatment North Richland Hills TX

North Richland Hills is home to a respected tree doctor and a trusted Arbor Care company, the North Richland Hills Tree Service & Stump Grinding. They have been serving Tarrant and DFW for many years. We offer a FREE Oak Wilt Tree assessment.