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Brown Fungus Treatment North Richland Hills TX.

What causes Brown Rot Disease? Brown Rot Disease is the most serious and widespread disease to affect stone fruit trees in America. This deadly disease is common in North Richland Hills. This deadly disease affects fruit trees with a pit centre, such as nectarines, cherries, and plums. Brown rot is caused by an aggressive fungus that attacks dried-up fruits left on trees or on the ground.

Brown rot disease starts to appear on flowers as soon as the first buds begin to appear. This process continues for the entire life of the flower. This dangerous fungus spreads quickly from the flowers to fruit tree stems. It causes open stem wounds and eventually results in the death of all new stems. North Richland Hills tree companies and arborists are knowledgeable and well-informed about brown rot fungal disease. It can thrive at all temperatures. Untreated brown rot can cause death to one tree and spread quickly to other trees.

Brown Rot Tree Disease – Examination

It is important to select disease-resistant varieties before planting stone fruit trees. North Richland Hills, TX has many varieties that are resistant to brown rot such as cherries and plums. If you are experiencing brown rot symptoms, a certified arborist in North Richland Hills can confirm it. Brown spots on fully mature fruits is a sign of aggressive disease. A plant pathologist may also perform diagnostic tests on dried-up older fruit to find conidia (spores caused from various fungal species). If you suspect brown rot fungus infesting your fruit tree, don’t hesitate to call a North Richland Hills arbor professional.

North Richland Hills TX – How to Treat Brown Rot Disease

A certified arborist can create a maintenance and treatment plan that is tailored to your specific situation. North Richland Hills’s tree services professionals have the experience to help you prevent spreading the deadly fungal disease. You can prevent the spread by removing any old leaves and fruit from the ground. Brown rot fungus-affected branches and stems should be removed and trimmed. Regular watering and deep root fertilization will reduce the water content of the flowers and increase fruit tree resistance. Chemical treatments may be required, such as powders, sealants or sprays. North Richland Hills arbor care professionals can help you determine which treatments are necessary, establish a maintenance and treatment plan, and provide a one year warranty. Protect your investment by entrusting your tree’s care to a certified, experienced tree care professional.